Get quick wins with focused campaigns

Test your value proposition and find your ideal customers with highly targeted content campaigns


When should you launch a content campaign?

You want to promote a new product or service

You're ready to launch a new proposition on the market, and want to make sure it reaches the right audience, with a healthy ROI.

You want to define your target audience

Your portfolio has expanded and you're not sure which audience or customer profile you should target with each proposition.

Your website is new and needs more traffic

A content campaign that includes both owned and paid channels helps you attract more visitors while waiting for your content to rank organically.

You need more leads or paying customers

A branding or pain-point focused content campaign that targets specific accounts or user profiles is a quick solution for acquiring new leads.

How will a content campaign help you?

Short-term traffic generation

While we believe that organic traffic is more valuable in the long run, we encourage our clients to run paid campaigns for quick wins.

If your goal is to get more traffic, we'll develop specific content formats and choose distribution channels that ensure a wider reach.

See a content campaign template

Reach a specific audience

A well-defined content campaign that targets a specific customer profile can help you react an audience that's ready to convert.

Before developing the campaign content, we research your ideal clients and define their pain points and reasons to buy.

See an example of user research

Get leads at predictable costs

Paid content campaigns enable you to acquire leads at predictable costs per channel.

To make sure we stay within your budget, we select the most suitable distribution channels based on industry benchmarks.

See an example of content KPIs

How we work

1. Campaign goal and budget

We interview you to understand the campaign's goal and based on your budget, we propose a campaign setup.

2. Audience research

We research your target audience and segments to identify common patterns in their online behavior, reasons and barriers to buy.

3. Campaign pillars

Based on the pain points of the target segments, we identify the most relevant campaign pillars and themes.

4. Distribution flows

For each campaign pillar, we define the conversion funnel, distribution channels, types of content and topics to write about.

5. KPIs and tracking

We define your KPIs based on industry benchmarks and past campaigns. Before starting the campaign, we make sure all tracking is in place.

6. Campaign launch and monitoring

We monitor the performance of your campaign and make adjustments as needed, to make sure we meet the goals while staying within budget.

Words from happy customers

Client in the eCommerce niche

It has been a pleasure working with Andreea. All milestones were delivered in time and she has been great. Will continue collaborating with her in the future!

Client in the Health niche

Great work! Very happy with the level of effort in thinking about and planning the job before execution. Top of my list for the next project!

Client in the SEO niche

Andreea has done a fantastic job for my project! Perfect delivery, no follow-ups needed. Highly recommended!

Client in the Beauty niche

Very precise, professional and just overall great content delivery service. As always, working with Andreea is a true pleasure. We are always assured that the content delivered by her will be vibrant and right to the point! Thank you!

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