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When should you do a content audit?

You have no idea what's in your CMS

You've gathered a lot of content throughout the years and nobody has the full picture anymore. You have no idea which pages are outdated and which need to be archived.

Your content isn't performing

You're attracting a lot of organic traffic, but your content isn't generating any conversions. You'd like to optimize your pages for better ROI, but don't know where to start.

Your website structure is outdated

Your business evolved and your focus areas and offerings have changed. The current information architecture is outdated and doesn't serve your marketing and business goals anymore.

Your user journeys are confusing

Your content is not mapped to the user journeys and you don't have enough conversion-focused pages. You don't know what types of content to choose for each stage of the funnel.

How will a content audit help you?

Know what pages to optimize

A full audit helps identify the content that drives the most traffic but doesn't generate conversions.

By getting the full picture of your content and its performance, you can prioritize pages for optimization in a structured, focused manner.

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Focus your efforts for maximum impact

A content audit shows you where you're missing opportunities, so it helps you narrow down the scope and focus your efforts and budget where it matters the most.

It helps you identify gaps and areas where your competitors are performing better.

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Make data-driven decisions

During a content audit, you analyze the queries targeted, the types of content that generate results and the structure of your top performing pages.

The qualitative analysis helps you identify patterns and approach content creation in a data-driven manner.

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How we work

1. Inventory

We inventorize all your content, including redirected pages, to get the full picture. Based on the performance of your pages, we narrow down the scope for the qualitative analysis.

2. Qualitative analysis

We look at the format, structure, length and depth of your content, and rate it for customer-content fit. We check if your content matches your business goals and user intent.

3. Mapping

We map your content to the funnel stages and highlight the gaps. Based on your goals, we define the content that needs to be created, and the pages that need to be optimized.

4. Content roadmap

With these findings, we define your content roadmap. We prioritize the content types and topics more likely to drive conversions, so you can immediately start the implementation.

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