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When should you develop a content strategy?


You create content without a clear direction

You're writing articles and creating new landing pages, but you have no idea where you're going. You don't have a vision and your content isn't producing results.

Your content isn't aligned to your goals

You don't see any return from your content marketing efforts. Your goals aren't met, and you don't know what to change, when, and why.

Your content doesn't reflect your offering

Although your offering has changed throughout the years, your approach to content hasn't. As a result, your content is outdated and doesn't reflect your brand's value.

Your have no governance in place

Your team is constantly asking who's responsible for what, and there are no processes in place. The lack of ownership leads to poor performance and chaos in the team.

How will a content strategy help you?

Know what content to create

During the content strategy development, we define your ideal customers, identify their pain points and reasons to buy, and create personas.

We look at the content types that perform better with each persona and research queries to target based on your goals.

Identify your distribution channels

Depending on your goals and target audiences, we identify the best channels for promoting your content and define the distribution flows.

We guide you in implementing automation flows to make your content strategy easier to scale up and manage.

Implement processes and a governance model

We help your team work in a more structured way by developing a governance model that fits your company.

Based on your CMS, we define and help you implement content lifecycle processes and authoring workflows.

How we work

1. Assess

We audit your content, analyze your funnels and content performance, interview your team and identify themes and content gaps.

2. Research

We research your target audience, competitors, and distribution channels, and select content types and topics for content creation.

3. Plan

Based on your goals and resources, we develop a content calendar and recommend workflows and templates for your distribution channels.

4. Measure

We define content performance metrics and KPIs, provide guidelines for optimization, and help your team create the first content reports.

What others say

Andreea was fantastic! I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for help in GTM strategy and in both brand positioning and building a content strategy for short and long term.

Martin Taylor


I definitely recommend setting up a call with her, as she'll surprise you with useful advice and workframes that you can easily apply to your content marketing efforts and get results.

Bart Donda


Andreea is a fantastic mentor! She is genuinely helpful and highly experienced in content strategy. We learned so much in a short time, and she helped us get some clarity in our complex workflow.

Kate Bojkov


Andreea was super helpful and extremely knowledgeable about marketing! She went above and beyond, providing us with so many ideas and following up via email with more examples and templates.

Sid Bharath


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