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Build a Scalable Content Strategy for a SaaS Company

Content strategy doesn’t have to be complicated - you just need to get the big picture right. Learn the basics of setting up a content strategy for a B2B SaaS company.

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Build a Content Marketing System to Amplify Distribution

Build a Content Marketing System to Amplify Distribution

To bring results, your content needs to reach your target audience. Learn how to build a system that helps you repurpose and distribute content 10x faster.

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Create a Content Marketing Program to Drive Revenue

Create a Content Marketing Program to Drive Revenue

A list of keywords isn’t a plan. Learn how to build a content marketing program, from choosing your themes to building a content calendar and managing the content lifecycle.

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What others say

Andreea was fantastic! I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for help in GTM strategy and in both brand positioning and building a content strategy for short and long term.

Martin Taylor


I definitely recommend setting up a call with her, as she'll surprise you with useful advice and workframes that you can easily apply to your content marketing efforts and get results.

Bart Donda


Andreea is a fantastic mentor! She is genuinely helpful and highly experienced in content strategy. We learned so much in a short time, and she helped us get some clarity in our complex workflow.

Kate Bojkov


Andreea was super helpful and extremely knowledgeable about marketing! She went above and beyond, providing us with so many ideas and following up via email with more examples and templates.

Sid Bharath



The Content Strategist’s Success Kit

This kit includes 7 templates and video guides and a website wireframe kit. Everything you need to get started with your content strategy.

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The Content Marketer’s Starting Kit

This kit includes all the templates and video guides you need to get started with content marketing for a B2B SaaS company. Get your content right from day .

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The Growth Marketer’s Starting Kit

This kit includes all the templates and video guides you need to build a content system that drives predictable results. Get started with paid campaigns and SEO.

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The Partner Marketer’s Starting Kit

This kit includes a Partner Strategy deck, a Partner Program setup video, and an example of Co-marketing deck, to get you up and running in no time.

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Latest videos

Build a Partner Program for B2B SaaS

If you're building your first Partner Program and want to have a clear structure in place and well-defined criteria for recruiting your partners, this video is for you.

Building a Co-Marketing Deck for Your Partner Marketing Strategy

In this video I show you how to structure a co-marketing deck, for partner marketing initiatives. Again, my focus is on B2B SaaS companies, but the structure can be used in B2C partnerships too.

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How to automate content creation with Airtable, and OpenAI’s API

Written on 20th August, 2023 |

4 min read

Create hundreds of articles or landing pages and populate them automatically with Airtable, and OpenAI API.

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Content Optimization When You Have No Traffic or Traffic is Decreasing

Written on 17th May, 2023 |

7 min read

How to actually optimize content when you see your organic traffic decreasing, or you get little to no traffic, despite publishing (some) content.

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